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This year we celebrated the 199th anniversary of the founding of the Methodist Society in East Finchley. John Freeman and Christoph Gottlob Müller felt called to set up the Methodist Society in 1822 at Lincoln Cottage, Strawberry Vale and we take this as our starting point in calculating our birthday.

This will mean that in 2022 we will be celebrating our bicentenary.

Ahead of this we are collecting together the archive material, reports, articles we can find and editing it into a history of the Christian witness at EFM. In the linked pages you will find some of the material we have located thus far.

If you have any suitable please contact the church using the contact information on the CONTACT US page.

Take a look at the following articles: -

The Beginning of Methodism
in East Finchley

Christoph Gottlob Muller

Sunday School
Before 1939

EFM Jubilee 1947 

Junior Church
1960 -77

150 Years at East Finchley

East Finchley 
Theatre Group



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